Known for her diversity in photography as well as her love of Guinness, Monica McKenna has been shooting professionally for over two decades. This means of course that she started at a very, very young age. Like under six...

Monica loves to tell stories with her camera and thinks that if they make you laugh or make you need to take lunch earlier then she’s probably done her job.

Monica shoots celebrities, chefs, food and drink, décor and well, a whack load of other things except carnations. Monica does not like carnations and would like to start a petition to have their status as a flower removed.

Monica has photographed the Aurora Borealis in minus 50 degrees with an armed guard by her side to keep the polar bears away.

Monica is never tired of including National Geographic on her client list.

Monica likes French cheese. A lot.

Monica McKenna is married to a Frenchman and now lives in France with her Son, dog, cat, six chickens , two donkeys and of course her Frenchman..

Monica McKenna is one serious gal with no sense of humor.